Vespucci Expedition Flag

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By Crusader1307

Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian Explorer and Cartographer who was originally part of Christopher Columbus' Expedition which ''discovered'' The ''New World'' in 1492. He is often credited with ''lending'' his name to The ''America's'' (both North and South American land masses). In 1499, Vespucci led a series if his own Expeditions to establish that The Asian Continent was not – in fact connected to The America's. His detailed Maps of The New World would invaluable to future generations of Explorers throughout Europe.


Vespucci was granted his Expedition flag possibly around 1498. It was a squared Field of solid White. A ''Prone'' Cross in Grey occupied the entirety of The Field from The Hoist to The Fly. Superimposed onto this image, was another Cross in darker Grey and placed in correct position (Righted). (4 x 6) Pointed Stars flanked the perimeter of this Cross. Although under the patronage of King Manuel I of Portugal, Vespucci his not use a Royal Charter Standard (as was common). His ''Flag'' based more on then current religious imagery. After Vespucci's 1502 Expedition to South America – his Flag vanished into History.