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By Crusader1307

These simple small metal mounting studs, revolutionized Armor and Armor protection starting in the 13th Century. Designed in France, the Vervelles were small metal components with a small hole at one end of it's "cylinder"-shape. Prior to their invention, Warriors had no way to properly secure Chain Mail to solid armor and related components. Slipages and poorly fitted Mail defeated it's intended purpose. It application,  Vervelles secured Mail to Helmets and Gorgets (neck pieces). Mail in it's production, was threaded through the opening in the Vervelles. Next, the piece was fused by heat and steel (weld) onto either the inside or underside of the desired component. The Mail was now securely affixed. Although time consuming, the Vervelles added a level of protection by what they offered -securement. However as armor became "out of fashion" in military use, so too did the need for Vervelles.