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By Crusader1307


A Germanic Tribe known for it's invasions of the Late Roman Empire, The Vandals played an important part in the destruction of Western Rome. The Vandals invaded and conquered many North African Provinces around 439 A.D. As a result, Western Rome lost most of it's Grain imports. This was devastating. The Vandals were “pushed” into Western Rome by The Huns (who were attempting to invade Central Europe). Moving into Gaul, The Vandals left their Native Hungary. Defeated by The Franks (and losing their King), The Vandals (under the dead King's Son) – went into Spain. They broke into two Tribes. The Asdingi and The Silingi. At this time, The Visigoths (for their Roman interests) – attacked and defeated the Vandal Silingi. With The Visigoth seen now as a major threat to Rome, The Vandal Asdingi were left alone by Rome (enemies can become Allies!)

The Asdingi Vandals moved into Africa, King Gaiseric took Rome's Grain Provinces as his own. Emperor Valeninan II moved a Roman Fleet off of Africa This “new” Vandal faction, now known as Arian Vandals, in 455 A.D. Attacked from over a 2-week period. The “Sack of Rome” would signal The Western Empire's final demise. Much of her remaining wealth had been taken by The Vandals (who likewise left Rome a smoking ruin). Using his last resources, The Eastern Emperor prepared for an African War (no doubt fearing the similar fate to his Rule). The African War was a blunder for both sides. Neither took advantages of key moves to exterminate the other for some reason. The Vandals “blunder” was worse that The Byzantines. They were eventually defeated (in no small part ot Mercenary Germanic troops, just as barbaric in war as they were). Moving back to Spain, The Moors saw not benefit in having The Vandals as enemies or Allies. They quickly defeated most of them. What was left, would fade into history – save their name Vandal, which is applied to acts of wanton mischief and destruction.