USS ''Zumwalt''

  • Modern Era
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By Crusader1307

The USS ''Zumwalt'' is the namesake for Her Class of what are ''Stealth'' Ships. These are Vessels which use passive radar evaders to give the Ship the ''appearance'' of a Large Fishing or Merchant Vessel (false imprint). She is one of the most advanced Naval Warships of Her kind in The World. ''Zumwalt'' was deployed in 2016. Her deployment capabilities also class Her as a Guided Missile Destroyer. She is part of The US Pacific Fleet Command.


''Zumwalt'' is over 14,000-tons displaced. She is 600-feet long with a Beam of 80-feet. Power is provided by Twin Induction Engines and can achieve 40-mph. ''Zumwalt'' supports a Crew of 142 Officers and Men. Weaponry includes – (20) Mark 57 Missiles (Vertical Launch) and a wide variety of SAM Systems, such as ''Tomahawk'', ''Standard'', ''Evolved-Class'', and ASROC Systems. She also supports (2) 155mm Advanced Gun Deck Systems. ''Zumwalt'' can also support aviation Missions to include carrying (3) Helos, or (3) Ship controlled UAV Drones.