USS ''Wisconsin''

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By Crusader1307

The USS ''Wisconsin'' was ''Iowa''-Class Battleship launched in 1943 – as served in The Pacific Theater of World War II. She was placed into combat service from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th (after the ten 2 year Anniversary of The Japanese Attack that pushed The US into The War). The ''Iowa''-Classes of Warships were the last produced by The US. In addition to many key battles and engagements fought, ''Wisconsin'' also actually commenced bombardment of The Japanese Mainland in early 1945. Serving briefly in The Caribbean, She would be placed into Reserve in 1948 – until the outbreak of The Korean War in 1950. ''Wisconsin'' supported actions against North Korea in support of The United Nations Operations in that War from 1950 to 1952. After Hr service, She was Home Ported in California, where She served as a Training Ship. She would be deactivated in 1982. However – with later Cold War concerns of the mid-1980s, The US Navy pushed for a ''^600-Ship Navy'' (under Orders from then US President Ronald Reagan). All Reserve and Deactivated Vessels were examined for possible upgrade. ''Wisconsin'' was one selected. Refitted, She would be assigned to The Atlantic Fleet. ''Wisconsin'' was deployed (along with Her Sister WWII Battleship ''Missouri'') to The Gulf War in 1990-1991, and actively commenced operations by the naval bombardment of then Iraqi-occupied Kuwait. After The Fall of The Soviet Union in 1992, The ''Cold War'' was considered over. Much of The US Military inventory of Cold War weaponry (past and pending), was decommissioned, removed or outright canceled. To honor Her service to The US, ''Wisconsin'' was turned into a Museum Ship in 1992 and berthed in Norfolk, Virginia. ''Wisconsin'' displaced 58,000-tons and is 890-feet long. Her Beam (height) is 108-feet. Her Armor plating ranges from 1.5 to 19-inches throughout. Power was provided by Diesel and Steam Turbine originally. She was capable of making 40-mph on Open Seas. Her Compliment of Crew was over 1.900 Officers and Men. Armament was extensive. It included (9) 16-inch Main Guns, (20) 5-inch Guns, (80) 40mm AA Guns, (50) 20mm Guns, (32) ''Tomahawk''-Class Cruise Missiles, (16) ''Harpoon'' AS Missiles ans (4) 20mm Phalanx Systems.