USS ''Winslow''

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By Crusader1307

Named for the Captain of The American Civil War Union Navy Warship ''Kearsarge'' (which sank the famed Confederate Raider ''Alabama''), The USS ''Winslow'' was a ''Foote''-Class Torpedo Boat. As has been previously discussed, the late 1880s thru 1890s saw a rapid development in such ''Fast Attack'' Ships by most World Class National Navies. The US Navy first deployed non-wooden Warships in The Spanish-American War. Built in 1896, ''Winslow'' was 162-feet in length with a beam (height) of 17-feet. Twin coal boilers turned her multiple screws, with the ability to achieve 28-mph in open water. Crewed by 20, ''Winslow'' was armed with (2) 1-pounder Cannon and could deploy (3) 18-inch Torpedoes. Most noted for The Battle of Cardenas (near Cuba) – in 1898, She saw the first death in The War of a US Naval Officer. Outnumbered by Spanish Warships, ''Winslow'' suffered extreme damage (as did other Torpedo Boats that day). One of the few Spanish Naval victories of The War, ''Winslow'' would nonetheless survive her damage, serving in The US Navy until she was sold for scrap in 1909.