USS ''West Virginia''

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By Crusader1307

A “Colorado” Class Battleship, The USS “West Virginia” was deployed in 1923 as one of the “recent” survivors of The Washington Treaty. “West Virginia” displaced 33,000-Tons. She was 625-feet long and stood 100-feet (Beam). “West Virginia” used (8) Boilers and (4) Turbo Electric Turbines. She could achieve 25-mph. The “West Virginia” crewed closed to 1,100 Men. Her armament included (8) 16-Inch Main Guns, (12) 5-Inch Guns, (4) 3-Inch Guns, (40) 40mm Bofor AA Guns and later (with the start of The War) – (50) 20mm Cannon. Her Armor Plating ranged from 3 to 18-Inches throughout. “West Virginia” was stationed with The Pacific Fleet in 1940 – after serving as a Training Vessel for Naval Midshipmen, She was moored next to The USS “Tennessee” when The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. “West Virginia” took (7) Torpedo hits into her Hull, causing her to sink 40-feet into The Harbor. The “West Virginia” also served as “Model” for some of the very few actual “Combat” Photographs of The Attack. Imperial Japanese Airmen took her Picture at the moment of one of her explosions. (66) Crewmen were killed in The Raid. Raised and refitted, “West Virginia” would eventually participate in support of The Philippine Invasions and later the epic Battle of Leyte Gulf and The Battle of Iwo Jima. “West Virginia” would also be one of the US Navy Vessels to sail into Tokyo Bay in 1945 – mooring next to The USS ''Missouri”, who took The Japanese Surrender and the subsequent end of The War. Serving as an Escort Ship for Servicemen returning from The War (Pacific Theater), “West Virginia” would finish this assignment in 1947. She was deactivated in California but remained “Mothballed” until 1959 – before she was scrapped.