USS ''Vella Gulf''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Ticonderoga''-Class Guided Missile Frigate USS ''Vella Gulf'' was launched towards the end of The Cold War in 1992. It is still an active duty serving Warship with The US Navy. The Vessel is a Anti-Air, Surface and Submarine deployed asset serving primarily in The Atlantic. It has participated in The Global War on Terrorism, Anti-Piracy Missions and Humanitarian duties since it's Commissioning. ''Vella Gulf'' displaces over 9,000-tons and is 570-feet long. Her Beam stands at 55-feet. Propulsion is provided by (4) GE Gas Engines (Turbines) and can achieve 40-mph. She further supports a Crew of 330 Officers and Men. The Warship also supports a wide variety of the most sophisticated electronics and radar equipment currently is use by The US Navy. Her armament includes (122) varieties of Surface to Air Missiles, to include Nuclear capabilities (''Tomahawk'' configured Cruise Missiles), (2) 5-inch Guns, (4) 12.7mm Machine Guns and the ability to launch 12.75-in Torpedoes. ''Vella Gulf'' also serves as a platform for (2) Helicopters for Reconnaissance and Rescue Duties.