USS ''Utah''

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By Crusader1307

The USS "Utah", was 1 of only 2 "Florida"-Class Battleships built for The US Navy. Launched in 1911, "Utah" was immediately deployed to protect US interests during The Mexican Revolution in Veracruz, Mexico. During World War I, she spent her Service protecting Ireland from Imperial German Surface Ship attacks. "Utah" was 22,000-tons displaced, 522-feet long and stood 90-feet. Her propulsion of 24-mph came from her 12 Boilers and 4 Steam Engines. She ranged between 9 to 11-inches of armor plating throughout her structure.  Armament included (10) 12-inch Guns, (15) 5-inch Guns, (4) 6-Pounders, (2) 1-Pounders and (2) 21-inch Torpedoes. In 1931, she was deemed not worthy of a complete upgrade  (modernization), and concerted into  Target Ship (towing floating targets for other Ships to practice their skills). She also provided Naval Gunnery School instruction. Berthed off of Ford's Island on the morning of December 7th 1941, "Utah" was targeted by two Japanese Torpedoes. She listed and sank on her side. Of get 1,000-man crew, only 64 died on board. Stripped of her Guns for salvage, while attempting to refloat her, "Utah" slipped further out into the water. With her position not a hazard to navigation, she was left in her position, partially submerged. The remains of the 64 Crewmen were left inside as a "War Grave". Although not as well known as The "Arizona", "Utah" was declared a National Monument in 1972.