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By Crusader1307

The US Frigate ''United States'' was one of the (6) original Class Ships that constituted the entire American Navy at one point. The ''United States'' was Sister to The ''Constellation'', ''Constitution'', ''Chesapeake'', ''Congress'' and ''President'' (of which only The ''Constitution'' still exists). The ''United States'' was in the Class ''Heavy Frigate'' and was laid down in 1794. It took six years to finish the massive Warship (1800, although She was commissioned in 1797 as a ''United States Ship'').


A Three Masted Vessel, ''United States'' displaced 2,200-tons. She stood (Beam) at 44-feet with a length of 205-feet. She was a ''Fully Rigged'' Ship that held a crew compliment of 350 Officers and Men. The Warship carried (44) 36-pound Cannon, deployed on a Main Deck, Second and Third.


''United States'' was commanded by Naval Hero Stephen Decatur during The War of 1812. ''United States'' fought and defeated The Ship of The Line HMS ''Macedonian'' in a running broadsides engagement (Atlantic Ocean, 1812). Outgunned by The British, ''United States'' Crew nonetheless displayed excellent seamanship and skill during the engagement. ''Macedonian'' was taken ''a Prize''.


During The Barbary Wars (Coast of Africa, 1815) – ''United States'' fought several engagements against The Barbary Pirates. Later, She was sent to The Pacific Squadron (1823) – remaining on duty until The Mexican War (1846). She was instrumental in The Capture of Monterey (Spanish California). Placed into Reserve in 1849 – ''United States'' was rotting away by the start of The American Civil War (1861). When The Naval Port at Norfolk, Virginia was raided by Confederate Forces, Federal Soldiers burned ''United States'' to prevent Her from falling into Rebel hands. The Confederacy nonetheless raised Her sunken Hull and repaired the Vessel. ''She'' was refitted as The CSS ''Confederate States'' (1862).


In 1864, Norfolk was re-captured by The Federals – with ''Confederate States'' in Port. She would be docked up and broken up later that year.