USS ''Texas''

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By Crusader1307

The USS "Texas" is a "New York"-Class of Battleship, commissioned in 1914. "Texas" displaced over 29,000-tons and was 573-feet long. She stood 95-feet (Beam). "Texas" was powered by (14) Coal burning Boilers and Twin expanding Engines. She could achieve 21-mph. " Texas" crewed over 1,000-Men. She featured 6 to 14-inches of Armor Plating throughout. Her armament included: (10) 14--Inch Main Guns, (8) .50 Cal. Guns and (2) Quad 75mm Anti-Aircraft Guns. "Texas" could also support up to (3) Float Patrol Planes. "Texas" did not actively participate in World War I, but did provide Naval Gun support during American interdiction against Mexico (The "Border Wars"). During World War II, she served on Convoy Duty and provided Naval Support fire during The North Africa Campaign and later Normandy (France). "Texas" would also be deployed to The South Pacific, and was present at both The Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Decommissioned in 1948, "Texas" was returned to her namesake State. She was turned into a Museum Ship, and is currently berthed at The Texas Revolution Battlefield Monument of San Jacinto.