USS ''Tecumseh''

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The ''Canonicus'' – Class Ironclad ''Tecumseh'' was launched in 1862 by The US Navy, in support of The American Civil War. Assigned to Union Admiral David Farragut's Command, She took part in His Blockade of The Gulf of Mexico and the following Siege of Mobile Bay (1862). Built in New Jersey, ''Tecumseh'' was over 1,000-tons and was 225-feet in length. Her Beam was 44-feet tall. Crewed by 115 Officers and Men, ''Tecumseh'' featured iron plating between 1.5 to 10-inches throughout. Power was provided by a single Vibrating Steam Engine which supported Twin Boilers. Speed was rated to 9-mph. Her primary armament were Twin Rotating, 15-inch Dahlgren Cannon.


Her Maiden voyage and ''baptism by fire'' – proved to be the last for ''Tecumseh''. It was during The Battle of Mobile Bay that She struck a Mine. Sinking rapidly, 95 of Her Crew were lost beneath the waves. The wreck was located in relative good condition in 1967, with plans to raise Her, but funding ran out before any operations could commence. ''Tecumseh'' still rests were She went down in Mobile Bay (Alabama).