USS ''Roanoke''

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By Crusader1307

Originally built as a Frigate for The US Navy in 1855, "Roanoke" was converted into a "Monitor"-Class Ironclad in 1862. She was the first US Warship to feature a Twin Turret Gun System. This resulting design created flaws in operation - namely, maintaining stability due to the increased top weight. "Roanoke" displaced 6,300-tons and was 125-feet long. She sat 54-feet tall (Beam). Capable of achieving 9-knots, she crewed 350-men. "Roanoke" carried as armament, (2) 15-inch Dahlgren Cannon, (2) 150-pound Parrott Rifled Guns and (2) additional 11-inch Dahlgrens. She was plated with 3 to 11-inches of iron plate, reinforced by up to 15-inches of wooden hull. After the famous Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia (the first fully Ironclad Naval Battle in History), The "Roanoke" engaged The CSS "Virginia" (much as The USS "Monitor" did). Similarly, this engagement was a "draw" as well (with little damage to either vessel). She remained on duty with The Hampton Roads Squadron until the end of The War.  Sent back to New York, she was the only Civil War Era Ironclad to remain commissioned by the US Navy, serving as Harbor Flagship to The New York Harbor Master. In 1883, she was finally decommissioned and scrapped.