USS ''Razorback''

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

USS ''Razorback'' was a ''Balao''-Class Submarine, commissioned for The US Navy, toward the end of World War II (1944). She operated in The Pacific Ocean, with Pearl Harbor as Her Base. She took over 4,000-tons in Japanese Vessels, sunk. ''Razorback'' was also present in Tokyo Bay when Japan surrendered in 1945 (ending World War II).


From 1945 to 1954, ''Razorback'' was used as a Training Ship until she entered The Cold War ''Arena''. She spent participated in many Soviet surveillance Missions throughout the 1960s and also served in many Atomic Device Testing in The Pacific. ''Razorback'' would be sold to The Turkish Navy in 1970 and served with that Nation. Brought back in 2001 after She was decommissioned – by The US City of North Little Rock, Arkansas, ''Razorback'' was reconditioned as a River Museum.


''Razorback'' is 1,800-tons displaced. She is 308-feet long with a Beam of 30-feet. Her power was provided by a Single Diesel Engine, which could generate 20-mph at surface speeds and 15-mph submerged. She could remain underwater for 2-days at a time, with an average Patrol around 75-days. Her Crew complement was 85 Officers and Men. ''Razorback'' armament included (1) 4-inch Deck Gun and .50 Caliber Machine Gun (1) 40mm Bofors AA and (1) 20mm AA Gun. She was capable of deploying (24) 21-inch Torpedoes.