USS ''Princeton''

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By Crusader1307

The ''Essex''-Class Aircraft Carrier ''Princeton'' was under construction during World War II (1943) and did not see Combat Service in that Conflict. Launched in 1945, She would be assigned to The US Pacific Fleet. ''Princeton'' would be placed in Naval Reserve until re-activated for The Korean War (1953). She was involved in several major sorties during that War as a Jet Aircraft (Fighter) against North Korea and Communist China. She would be stationed off California (US) until after The War. Later ''Princeton'' was instrumental in Anti-Submarine Warfare testing. By The Vietnam War in 1965, ''Princeton'' had been modified and used as a Light Amphibious Carrier, carrying Troops and Helos. She support many major engagements with The US Marine Corps. She would return to California for a re-fitting (1968), but would not be re-deployed back to Vietnam. ''Princeton'' was placed back into Reserve status until 1971 – when She was decommissioned and eventually scrapped. ''Princeton'' displaced over 27,000-tons. She was 888-feet in length with a Beam of 93-feet. Power was provided by (4) Steam Turbines and could achieve 40-mph. Crewing over 3,400 Officers and Crew (to include Flight Crews) – ''Princeton'' was armed with (4) 6-inch Guns, (4) 5-inch Guns, and up to 50 various Anti-Aircraft Cannon. She supported between 2 to 4-inches of armor plating throughout. ''Princeton'' could also support between 80 and 100 Fighter Aircraft.