USS ''President''

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By Crusader1307

The USS “President” was built in 1794. Commissioned under “The Naval Act”, by The US Congress – she was one of 6 ships built to represent the “new” US Navy. The last of the 6 builds, USS “President” was named by President George Washington (wishing to reflect the principles of The US Constitution). In 1811, she was involved with The Little Belt Affair. HMS “Guerriere” had recently “impressed” a US Sailor from a “battle” with USS “Spitfire” (a common practice for Royal Naval ships regarding “unrecognized American Ships”). USS “President” encountered HMS “Little Belt” - several days later (thinking it was The “Guerriere”). Attacking, 9 British Seamen were killed and “Little Belt” was severely damaged. This incident (and several others) – will lead to The War of 1812 between America and Britain. USS “President” served in The War of 1812 (capturing and sinking many British Warships and Merchant vessels). Captured by The British in 1815, she was pressed into Royal service as HMS “President”. She was broken up in 1818 (however her design was copied by The British with the building of the “new” HMS “President” (1829). As USS “President” was part of the Constitution-class warships, she was a 440 gun Frigate. Displacing almost 1,500 tons, USS “President” was around 175 feet long. She sat 50 feet tall (beam).