USS ''Nightingale''

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By Crusader1307

The “Nightingale” was built in 1858 in Salem, Massachusetts – and sold to Rio De Janerio in 1860. She was capture by Federal forces and taken for transporting slaves from Africa to Caribbean Ports. Being classed as an Extreme Clipper-Class vessel, “Nightingale” was fast and big. She was over 1,000 tons displaced and ran 177 feet. She sat at 40 feet tall (beam). Armed with 4 32-pounder guns - “Nightingale” was used by The Union Navy to run supplies for Blockade Ships. She was instrumental in Artic exploration for The US from 1866 until she was sold by The Government in 1876. Privately owned, she briefly served running oil and coal from The East Coast of America to California. In 1878 she was sold to Norway. Refitted as a Barque by this time she ran cargo in The North Atlantic. She foundered in 1893 and was abandoned in The Atlantic (to sink).