USS ''New Ironsides''

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Although never intended to replace the iconic USS "Constitution " (who had earned the nickname "Old Ironsides" during The War of 1812), the "New Ironsides" was built in response to The Confederacy's "Casemate" design innovations. Sporting a primarily wooden hull, her Upper deck and structures were iron plated between 1 and 4.5-inches. She crewed 450 men. Her armament was impressive, featuring (14) 11-inch Dahlgren Guns positioned along get hull line. In addition, "New Ironsides" had  (2) 160-pound Parrott Rifled Guns plus an additional  (2) 50-pounds Dalhgrens.


"New Ironsides" was 4,100-tons and 240 feet long. She stood 57-feet tall. Her primary duties when launched in 1863, was to Blockade Charleston and Wilmington Harbors on North Carolina. She was instrumental in the Siege of Ft. Fisher (North Carolina). 8 Medals of Honor were issued for this. The Confederate Navy did little damage to get during her War service, with one exception. USS "New Ironsides" was attacked by a Confederate "David"-Class Submersible. Badly damaged, she was able to return to Port and was repaired. In 1865, "New Ironsides" caught fire under mysterious circumstances. Unable to control the fire, she was allowed to burn and was scuttled.