USS ''Maine''

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By Crusader1307


The USS “Maine” was an Armored Cruiser, built in 1888 and launched in 1890. Part of The US Navy's modernization plan of it's Fleet, USS “Maine”was one of several fighting ships designed on similar copies being built at the time in England and South America. Costing a huge sum to construct (almost $5 Million USD), “Maine” displaced almost 7,000 tons. Nearly 350 feet long, she featured an almost completely steel construction design (save her traditional wooden decking). Her twin “Main Masts” sat almost 60 feet high. Steam Powered, he boasted 8 boilers that fed twin triple vertical engines. She carried 28 guns and cannon of various calibers and poundage. She also featured 4 “above deck” Torpedo tubes. “Maine” was designed to accommodate 325 Officers and men. Her bulkheads were 6-inches thick. Side plating of The “Maine” was 3-inches at it's widest point. Sent as a gesture of good faith to ais Cuban Revolutionaries in their struggles for Independence from Spain in 1898 – The USS “Maine” mysteriously exploded in Havana Harbor (Cuba). 260 men died from the initial explosion. Broken in two, she sank. Her remains were salvaged in 1912 with a re-burial of her wreckage off the Coast of Florida. Much debate in history has been put forth into the actual cause of the sinking. From Spanish sabotage, Sea Mine, to even crew negligence – has been put forward. The sinking of The “Maine” would be the catalyst for declaring war on Spain (much wanted by may “Warhawks” in The US Congress). The sinking would also create the immortal war phrase “Remember The Maine!”. This will be the worst single Naval disaster until Pearl Harbor in 1941.