USS ''Keokuk''

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By Crusader1307

The Union Navy Ironclad/Ram USS "Keokuk" was one of the first "all Iron" Warships built for service during The American Civil War of 1861-1865. Designed by Charles Whitney, she was launched in 1862. She was 160-feet long and featured 5.75-inches of Iron plating. The "Keokuk" displaced 688-tons. Propulsion was by twin, 2 cylinder propellers, that produced 250HP. This allowed her to achieve 9-knots. She crewed 92 men. Unique in that "Keokuk" was constructed with twin Deck Turrets, each featured  Dahlgren 10-inch Gun. The "Keokuk" was assigned to The South Atlantic Blockade Squadron. She took part in The Siege of Charleston, South Carolina (1863). During the Siege however she ran aground. Unable to clear until the tide went out. "Keokuk" was fired upon by Coastal Guns for nearly 10 hours, suffering 90 hits! No crew were killed. Able to float free, she made her run. Unfortunately, "Keokuk's" damage was severe. She began to flood and was ran aground again. A Union Ship rescued the crew. Considered "captured", Confederate Forces found that they could not salvage her as a Warship. They stripped her of her twin Dahlgren Guns. Using them as Coastal cannon.