USS ''Indiana''

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By Crusader1307

The USS ''Indiana'' was a ''South Dakota''-Class ''Fast Attack'' Battleship, deployed by The US Navy during World War II. She was the result of The Washington Treaty with Imperial Japan (and other Nations), to limit the amount and size (displacement) of Naval Warships (as an overture to Peace). When it became obvious that Imperial Japan was disregarding it's signatory responsibilities – Washington began to modify it's Fleet without the need to construct new Warships of the various Battleship Classes. The ''Indiana'' was an example of modifications which – while producing a somewhat ''cramp and small'' smaller Battleship, The ''South Dakota'' -Class were VERY effective defensive and offensive vessels. Deployed in World War II Service in 1942, ''Indiana'' would fight in several key Naval Engagements of The Pacific. She would also be present in support of The Iwo Jima Campaign in 1945. After The War, She was refitted and remained on inactive status. She was stricken from Naval records (decommissioned) and scrapped in 1962. As a smaller Battleship, ''Indiana'' had to be refitted to support (3) Main Gun Batteries (2 Front and 1 Back). Each Battery supported a total of (9) 16-inch Guns. She also supported (20) 5-inch Guns, (7) Quad 40mm AA Guns and (35) Single 20mm AA Guns. ''Indiana'' Crewed 2,000-Officers and Men (typically). She displaced close to 40,000 tons. Her length was 680-feet with a 108-foot Beam. Propulsion was provided by (8) Steam Boilers and (4) Turbines. ''Indiana'' could achieve 30-mph. Her Armor Plating ranged from 6 to 18-inches throughout.