USS ''Green Bay''

  • Modern Era
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By Crusader1307

A ''San Antonio'' – Class Transport ''Dock'' Ship, USS ''Green Bay'' was commissioned in 2009. Her primary Mission is to serve as a floating Combat Deployment Dock, by which Military amphibious Operations could be conducted. Normally, these Class of Warships support Helicopters as well as Naval Infantry (Marines). ''Green Bay'' displaces 25,000-tons. She is 685-feet ling with a Beam of 105-feet. Propulsion is by (4) Colt Diesel Engines, capable of a combined 40,000-HP. ''Green Bay'' has an open Sea Speed of 40-mph. She crews over 350 Officers and Men. Her armament includes (2) 30mm Cannon and (2) Rolling Airframe Missile Launch Systems. ''Green Bay'' supports (4) ''Sea Knight'' Helicopters or (2) ''Osprey'' VLTO Aircraft. She also deploys (2) Air Cushion Landing Craft and (1) Utility Landing Vessel.