USS ''George HW Bush''

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By Crusader1307

The USS ‘’George HW Bush’’ is a ‘’Nimitz’’-Class Aircraft Carrier of The US Navy. Costing 6 Billion (USD), it took 6 years to complete and launch (2001-2006). Her official commissioning as a US Warship was not until 2009. The Warship was named for The 41st President of The US, George HW Bush (who was a decorated US Navy Pilot during World War II).  The ‘’Bush’’ displaces 0ver 102,000-tons and is 1,092-feet in length. Her Beam stands at 250-feet. ‘’Bush’’ is powered by (2) Nuclear Reactors, (4) Steam Turbines and (4) Shafts. She can achieve 35-mph. The ‘’Bush’’ was designed for long-term service, giving Her an ‘’average life expectancy’’ of 35 years.  The warship supports over 3,500 Officers and Men as well as an Airwing Detachment of over 2,400 Pilot and Support Crew (nearly 6,000 Personnel total). The USS ‘’Bush’’ supports (and is constantly upgraded with) some of The US Navy’s most advance Radar and Communications Systems available. She maintains a computer maintained Anti-Submarine Warfare System (Torpedoes) and Advanced Counter-measure Sub-systems. Her Armament includes (2) ESSM Missile Launchers, (2) RIM-115 Missile Systems, (3) ‘’Phalanx’’ Missile Systems as well as a Full Combat Fighter Contingent (each armed with SA and AA defensive Systems) and (100) Helicopters – featuring Rescue, Recon and Attack abilities. ‘’Bush’’ is seen as a Tactical Nuclear Systems Platform. Having supported The Global War on Terror – ‘’Bush’’ served and trained with other NATO Navies mostly in The Atlantic Ocean Squadrons. She is currently under a 2-year renovation and upgrade in Norfolk, Virginia (US).