USS ''Delaware''

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By Crusader1307

Namesake of The ''Delaware” Class of Battleships, The USS ''Delaware” was launched in 1909. Serving in World War I with The Atlantic Fleet (Escort Duty), “Delaware” saw no direct combat action. The USS “Delaware” held US Navy History as having the only Ship to maintain a top speed of 25-mph non-stop, for a continuous 24-Hour Period. “Delaware” displaced 23,000-Tons and was 520-feet in length (with a 90-foot Beam). She was propelled by a Twin Screwed Systems supported by 14 Coal Boilers and (2) Expanding Turbine Engines. “Delaware” crewed nearly 1,000 Men. She was armed with (10) 12-Inch Guns (14) 5-Inch Guns, (2) 3-Pounder Guns, (4) 37mm Guns and supported (2) 21-Inch Torpedoes. “Delaware” had between 3 and 11-Inches of Armor Plating throughout. The USS ''Delaware” fell prey to The Washington Navy Treaty of 1922. The US, Japan and Britain (the 3 Major Military Seafaring Powers of The Era), agreed to limit “current” Battleship levels. A percentage of US Naval assets had to be scrapped (or expensively refitted). “Delaware” became one of those “casualties” and was decommissioned and broken up for scrap in 1924.