USS ''Columbia''-Class Submarine

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By Crusader1307

The ''Columbia''-Class is a currently developed US Navy Ballistic Nuclear Submarine classification. The Class of Submarines will number (12), with the first Ship, The USS ''District of Columbia'' currently under ''build''. The Vessel will displace over 20,000-tons, with an overall length of 560-feet. Their Beam will be 44-feet. Propulsion will come from a Nuclear Reactor Plant, Turbo-Electric Drive and various undisclosed other ''methods''. Touted as having ''unlimited range'', The ''Columbia''-Class will support 155-Officers and Men. The Submarine will also support the very latest in Naval Communications and related Covert target identification devices. The primary weapon system will be (16) Trident Class Nuclear Missiles with close to 14,000-miles (effective range).