USS ''Cape St. George''

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By Crusader1307

The USS ''Cape St. George'' is a ''Ticonderoga'' – Class Guided Missile Cruiser, currently deployed by The US Navy. She was the first US Warship to be additionally deployed to The Persian Gulf Region during The Gulf War, firing the ''opening shots'' of that Conflict (Cruise Missile) – in 1993. Later in 2003, ''Cape St. George'' would battle Somali Pirates of The Coast of Africa.


Home Ported in California, ''Cape St. George'' has been deployed with The Pacific and Atlantic Fleets. She is crewed by 335 Officers and Men. ''Cape St. George'' displaces 9.600-tons and is 567-feet in length. Her Beam stands at 35-feet. Power is provided by (4) GE Gas Turbine Engines and can achieve 37-mph on open seas.


Sporting some of The US Navy's most advanced electronics equipment. She supports armament to include (122) varieties of RIM Missile munitions (to include ''Tomahawk'' Cruise weapons). (8) ''Harpoon'' Missiles, (2) 5-inch Guns, (2) 25mm Guns, (4) .50 Caliber Machine Guns (4) ''Phalanx'' Anti-Ship Guns and the ability to deploy (2) 12-inch Torpedoes. ''Cape St. George'' can slo serve (2) Sikorsky ''Seahawk'' Helicopters.