USS ''California''

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By Crusader1307

A “Tennessee” Class Battleship of The US Navy, The USS “California” was The Flagship of The US Pacific Fleet for over 20 years. Built during World War I, she saw no War duty – having launched in 1919. “California” was the last US Warship built on The West Coast of The United States. “California” moved with The Pacific Fleet when then were relocated to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (1939). She was severely damaged during The Japanese Attack (being sunk). 111 of her Crew were killed or wounded. Despite her damages, “California” was raised and repaired for World War II Service. The “California” participated in many of The Pacific Island Campaigns during The War – to include The Philippine Island, Palau and Okinawa. She was hit (2) times by Japanese Kamikaze attacks. After The War in 1946, “California” remained in The South Pacific assisting in Mine removal Operations. She also served briefly in support of The US Army of Occupation of Japan. She arrived back in The United States on December 7th 1946. Placed in Reserve, “California” was stricken off Naval Records in 1959 and sold for scrap.