USS ''America''

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By Crusader1307

An American Navy “Kitty Hawk” Class Aircraft Carrier – The USS “America” was launched in 1965 during the middle of The Cold War, to join The American Aircraft Carrier Deterrent Force. Spending most of nher Naval career in The North Atlantic and later Mediterranean Sea, her last major Conflicts were “Desert Shield” and “Desert Storm” (against Iraqi incursions into Kuwait, 1990-91). The “America” was originally to be a Nuclear-Class Warship, but cost overuns had Her built as a traditional Warship. She was also among the first US Carriers to use the recently devised “automatic” Carrier Landing System for her Aircraft assets. “America” provided a Military Presence in The Israeli “6-Day War” and during The Greek Civil War and subsequent breakdown of Government. Deployed to Southeast Asia (The Vietnam War) in 1969 - “America” was also the first US Carrier to Test the probability of launching and landing The SR-71 “Blackbird” Surveillance Plane. Her Fighters flew over 10,000 Sorties against North Vietnamese Military assets. The USS “America” re-deployed to The Atlantic and was sent to monitor The Lebanon Crisis in 1976 as well as other Middle Eastern “Hot Spots”. She alternated between Middle Eastern Ports of Call and those in Italy. In 1986, US President Ronald Reagan deployed “America” and her Support Battle Group to The Coasts of Libya – during the crisis with that Country. Targeted by Libyan Missiles (which missed “America”), her Fighters not only sunk several Libyan Patrol Boats – but destroyed The SAM Sites as well. Her Aircraft would later serve in support of Coalition Forces involved with the removal of Iraqi Forces from the illegal annexation of Kuwait. Her deployment lasted 1year – until recalled in 1991. The “America” was deemed too old for modernization as a possible addition to America's “Nuclear Fleet” and it was determined to use her as a “Test Ship”, to determine Carrier Hull abilities to a myriad of underwater weapons attacks. She was sunk during these Tests in 2005, off of Cape Hatteras (Atlantic Ocean). “America” was 85,000-Tons displaced. She was 990-feet long and stood (Beam) as 250-feet. “America” had (4) Decks and could maintain 80-Aircraft. She was powered by (8) Boilers and (4) Boilers. “America” could achieve 40-mph. Armed with The “Phalanx” Missile Systems, she also supported the dual “Terrier” Anti-Ship & Aircraft Missiles. “America” Crewed over 3,000. With the exception of The USS ''John F. Kennedy”, the (3) “Kitty Hawk” Class Aircraft Carriers have been decommissioned and broken up. Plans to turn “Kennedy” into a Museum Ship are still active.