USMC Special Operators Badge

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By Crusader1307


Created in 2016 for wear by select US Marine Corps. Service Members, The Special Operators Badge is the ''modern'' equivalent to the older Marine Raider insignia of World War II. The Badge is awarded to those Marines who complete Special Operations Training. It is often compared to The Navy Seals ''Trident'' insignia. Course training requires nearly (1) years to complete and involves a variety of Special Operations skills learned. Scuba and Paratrooper Training are mandatory as well.


The Device, worn on the Dress Uniform over the Upper Right Pocket (above all Ribbons and Medals awarded), is a Gold metal color. The primary shape is that of a US Federal Eagle, through which (Bezanted) is a Marine Fighting Dagger. It's other related insignia (in other Services) would be on par with The US Army Special Forces Insignia (''Green Berets'') or US Army Ranger Tab.