USMC Mark 2 ''Ka-Bar'' Combat Knife

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By Crusader1307

The now legendary USMC Mark 2 Combat Knife is best known as The "Ka-Bar". The Ka-Bar Company is a knife manufacturing business in Oleans, New York. The Company Trade mark name has an equally unique legend. In 1923, an old Trapper was hunting bear. His Rifle jammed at the wrong time and he had to rely on his Ka-Bar for a "hand to hand" combat. Surviving his encounter, he often then after referred to his weapon as a "kill a bear" knife. The "story" became Company marketing legend ("strong enough to kill a bear"). The USMC began procuring the Ka-Bar in 1942, as an issued fighting knife for all Marines. They were first deployed with the famed Marine Raiders, in The South Pacific. The blade measured 7-inches and wad single-edged. With the wooden handle, the total length was 11.5 inches. It was carried in a simple leather scabbard. The US Navy adopted the blade as a "Utility Knife" in 1944. The Ka-Bar is still an issued item in The US Marine Corps.