USMC Brevet Medal

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By Crusader1307

Created in 1921, The United States Marine Corps. Brevet Medal was designed to recognize those Marine Officers who had been Brevetted from Junior Officer Ranks to higher Field Command Rank. The practice of Bevetting was created by The US Army in 1775, as a means of promoting select Officers to Command positions, without long delays due to voting or other means of selection. Typically, The Brevetted Officer wore the Rank and had all command privileges, but were not paid the corresponding Rank officially retaining their last or current Rank). Brevetting was common in Wartime, after which The Brevetted Officer would revert back to their actual Rank.


The Marines were more selective in their selection of Brevets, with only 23 ever having been so recognized. At the start of World War II, Brevetting was ended in The US Marines. The Brevet Medal was created as a means of recognizing those who had achieved the Honor.


The Medal Device was a Cross Pattee with the word ''BREVET''. Encircling, the words ''UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.'' was featured. Where The Device was joined to it's Ribbon (Cloth) component, an engraved EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor – the symbol of The US Marines) was placed. The Back of the Medal featured the wording ''FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ENEMY'' (Brevetting in The Marines was based on combat (battlefield) heroism as opposed to a general need for Promotion. The Ribbon was a Red Field onto which was placed (7) White, 5-pointed Stars.