USAF Missile Operations Badge

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By Crusader1307

Created in 1958, The US Air Force Missile Operations Badge is an award given to those Air Force Service Members – trained in the maintaining and deployment of various US Missiles (to include Nuclear Devices). It is affectionately known as The ''Pocket Rocket'' for it's wear on the Dress and Fatigue Uniform Pocket.


Originally a Silver Plaque, upon which was engraved a ''stylized Rocket'' – a Silver Wreath was later added. It is one of the few USAF Qualification Badges authorized for wear by that Services Personnel. If a Service Member transfers to another Branch of Service (Army, Navy etc) – it is not authorized for transfer wear (as most others are). A ''Master'' Version, which includes a 5-point Star in Wreath (over The Rocket), is known as The Command (and would be worn by a Master Mechanic of Missile Operations).