USAF ''Airman's'' Medal

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By Crusader1307

The United States Air Force's ''Airman's Medal'' is an Award issued by The USAF to those Enlisted Personnel who by ''Act or Deed, distinguished themselves with risk of loss of Life or Limb, while not engaged in direct combat with an Enemy''. It is one of the highest non-combat related Medals earned. Prior to the formation of The USAF in 1947, The US Army's ''Soldier's Medal'' was used, but this was replaced in 1960, with the creation of The ''Airman's Medal''. In rare cases, (although no longer done) – Officers were eligible for it's Award. The Medal is a circular Device of Gold color. The Front bears the engraving a a Kneeling Greek God Hermes. Surrounding this, is the Title ''AIRMAN”S MEDAL”. The Ribbon is a Royal Blue Field in entirety, through which is placed (7) Gold and (6) Blue Striping.