US Vought A7 ''Corsair II'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Carrier and Land Based  A-7 “Corsair II” Fighter Jet bore the proud name of it’s World War II Pacific Fighter The Corsair”. It was the replacement for The A-4 “Skyhawk” Fighter Jet. Smaller than the traditional Fighters of The Era, it was introduced in 1965 (but would not be deployed in combat until 1967). Contracted to The US Air Force and Navy, it was one of the first US Fighter Jets to heavily rely on Electronic Avionics. The sophisticated packages allowed Pilots to preform bombing runs with little to no “human” interactions. The A-7 was also capable of engaging targets at a much greater distance. The “Corsair II” saw extensive service in Cambodia in the late 1960s-70s. It was 50-feet in length with a wingspan of 40-feet. It was powered by an Allison TF41 Non-Afterburn Turbo Fans Engine, which allowed it to achieve an airspeed of 690-mph. It’s operational ceiling was 43,000-feet. The A-7 was armed with (1) M61 20mm Mini-Gun and could support multiple AIM Rocket Packages. It could also carry up to (30) 500-pound bombs. The A-7 was also Nuclear capable. Used as a Carrier Landing Trainer Jet, it would be retired in the 1980s – with America’s Military. However, The A-7 would remain a constant with many Countries Air Forces – with the last flown in 2014 with The Greek Air Force.