US Voltigeur and Foot Rifleman Regiment

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Voltiguer'' was related to specially trained Skirmisher Infantrymen, detailed to probe an Enemies Line for weakness. A common combat position in many European Armies, this Class of Solider can be traced to Napoleon Bonaparte's ''Grand Army'' of the early 19th Century.


In The American Army of the mid-19th Century, an attempt to create and field Voltigeurs was made. The US Regiment of Voltigeurs and Foot Riflemen was created in 1847. They fought in The Mexican-American War and were only a single Regiment of roughly 400 Officers and Men.


The Regiment fought in several Major Battles of that War. The Unit when deployed – was paired with The US Mounted Riflemen (a Dragoon Force). For each mounted Rifleman, a Voltigeur or Foot Rifleman was assigned. The Regiment wore no specialized Uniform or adornments (save their Title). The standard Infantry Uniform of Grey was used. They also carried standard Infantry weapons. The Regiment was disbanded in 1848.