• Missiles And Rockets Of War
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By Crusader1307

The UUM-14 SUBROC (Submarine Rocket), was a US Cold War Missile Defensive System firt deployed in 1964 – for use in Submarine Warfare. The SUBROC was also a Nuclear Device that supported a 5-Kiloton Warhead. Weighing 4,000-Pounds, The UUM-14 were 22-feet long. The Missile was designed to be fired from a Submarine's standard 21-Inch Torpedo Tube. Not requiring complete accuracy, The UUM-14 was fired at an Enemy Submarine. At a pre-determined time (controlled by a Delayed Fuse timer), The Device would detonate (normally withing a 5-yard range). The UUM-14 had a 14-mile operational range. The SUBROC however was expensive to maintain than The ASROC Vessel System (which performed much the same way). By 1968, production ended. Most UUM-14 were stored (due to their Nuclear Warheads) until they were destroyed in 1990.