US S&W Model 3 ''Schofield'' .44 Caliber Revolver

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By Crusader1307

The Smith and Wesson .44 Cal. Model 3 Revolver, was manufactured in 1869. In part to supply a Contract by the Imperial Russian Army, some 41,000 were produced. Thus fave the weapon the Company nickname of "The Russian Gun".  Marketed to The US Army in 1870, General Charles Schofield was impressed  (The War Department wasn't), and purchased several thousand. Experimenting with a heavier round powder grain and a .45 Cal cartridge - his "experiment would be renamed "The Schofield". Smith and Wesson adopted his ideas and marketed the revolver. It became the rival to Colt's .45 Cal. Revolver. A heavy framed handgun, ideal for mounted use, it weighed 3-pounds and was 12-inches long. The Model 3 had an effective range of 100 yards  (250 maximum). Popular with Outlaw and Lawmen alike in The American West, a Schofield was the preferred handgun by Wyatt Earp, and was used at the infamous Gunfight at The OK Coral (Arizona), and was used by Robert Ford to kill Robber Jesse James. The Model 3 in small numbers was manufactured up to World War I in 1915.