US Springfield Model 1861 .58 Caliber Rifle

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By Crusader1307

The basic issued weapon to The Union Army during America's Civil War  (1861-1865), The Springfield. 58 Cal. Rifle was designed to fire the newly incorporated French "Minie Ball" leaf round. It was so one of the first true "rifled" barreled Infantry weapons deployed by The US Army. Developed by the Springfield Arms Company of Illinois, The .58 Cal. weighed 9-pounds and was 56-inches long (minus it's Socket Bayonet). The weapon had an effective range of 400 yards  (with a maximum of 620 yards). A Muzzleloader, in the hands of a trained Soldier, 2 to 4 rounds per minute could be fired. The Springfield used a Percussion firing system. Many post-Civil War Springfield Rifle's were converted into Breachloaders in 1870. By the end of their production in 1872, over  1 Million Springfield's had been manufactured.