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By Crusader1307

Formed as a result of The American Civil War, The US Sanitary Commission was a private Organization designed to help provide more sanitary conditions within the Camps of The Union Army. It was not funded by The US Government – although they did support it with as many supplies and Personnel as it could spare. The Organization was styled after a similar one created by The British Army during The Crimean War of the late 1850s. Established in 1861, the Organization helped to maintain potable drinking water, better food, recreational items, clothing and of course medical needs (to supplement an overburdened Union Army Medical Corps). The Organization provided personnel (mostly Women) to The Commission, which traveled with The Army through most Theaters of The War. They greatly reduced the effects of the many diseases that ran rampant in The Field. The Organization is seen as a forerunner of both The Red Cross and United Serviceman Organization (USO). It was disbanded in 1865. Authorized to maintain their own set of Colors, The Flag of The Commission was a Crimson Field in it's entirety. Phrasing was placed in Blocked White Lettering – in (3) section. The Top read ''US'' with the Middle ''Sanitary'' and the Lower ''Commission''. These were duplicated on the Reverse Field.