US Ryan ''Fireball'' Fighter

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By Crusader1307

Considered The US Navy's first "Jet Hybrid", the aptly named "Fireball", was designed by The Ryan Aeronautical Company in 1944. The Company gained fame by being responsible for constructing Col. Charles Lindbergh's Monoplane - The first Transatlantic Crossing in 1927. The Ryan Fighter incorporated a Ram Jet which pulled air generated from the massive 6-piston Engine. Forcing the air through an internal fusilage "tube" - and out the rear of the Aircraft, created a "Turbo Jet". Maximum speed was listed as over 400-mph. The Ryan Fighter was 33-feet long with a wingspan of 40-feet. A single-seater, it had an operation ceiling of 43,000-feet and could range to 1,600-miles. They were are med with wing mounted .50 Cal. Cannon. A Bomber version was envisioned, which could carry up to 1,000-pounds of Ordnance. 100 Models were ordered by The US Navy, with only 44 Production Models being made. Unfortunately, The War ended before The "Fireball" could be deployed in Combat.