US RIM-116 Missile

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By Crusader1307

The US RIM-116 Missile is a Rolling Airframe , Light-weight Missile System – primarily deployed by The US Navy as a Ship borne Surface to Air weapon. It's name ''Rolling Airframe'' comes from it's initial ''roll'' initiated when fired (and maintained) – as a means to stabilize the rocket to target. Developed by General Dynamics in 1976 (with Research and Development issues prolonging actual deployment), The RIM-116 is currently used on (74) US Naval Warships of various Classes, to include US Aircraft Carriers. The Launching Pod (Mark-44 fully rotating), weighs over 16,000-pounds. The Missile (RIM) is 10-feet long and is solid fueled. The Pod fires salvos of up to 10. Each Missile can achieve 1,500-mph. Warhead are Fragmentation based and are 25-pounds. The RIM-116 is used primarily in Air Defense, but is also deployed against smaller Enemy Warships. (10) Allied Nations deploy The RIM-116 as well with their Navies.