US RIM-67 ''Standard'' SAM

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By Crusader1307

First developed for US Naval Warfare, The RIM-67 ''Standard'' was first fielded in 1981, as a primary replacement Surface to Air Missile for The ''Talos'' System (in use since 1950). Known as The ''Standard'', this title is aimed at establishing The RIM-67 as the main SAM used by many US Naval Warships of the later Cold War Era. Weighing over 2,900-lbs. - The RIM-67 was a multi-staged, solid fueled, launched System, which was used both by ''Cold'' and ''Hot'' deployment tactics. Typically rated to Mach 3, The RIM-67 was also looked at as a potential Nuclear Naval Armament, but plans failed to progress after the ''end'' to The Cold War in the 1990s. In service until 2008, The RIM-67 was removed (due to Missile advances), but several Foreign Nation Navies still deploy the Missile.