US Revenue Service Ensign

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By Crusader1307

Created in 1790 by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, The US Revenue Service was tasked with charging/assessing taxes or duties on in-coming and out-going import and export, from American Ports. It was also determined that the Service would Patrol established US Coastal and Ocean limits for The Country (established by Treaty). Nor part of The US Navy (charged strictly with defense and not interdiction), The Service quickly became the "5th Military" Service. As a result, The Service was very effect against smugglers and pirates. In 1790, The Revenue Service used the ever "changing" Flag of The United States. In 1799, they were given their own "Service Colors" (which have changed very little since). Their name wad changed also (1850s) - to The United States Coast Guard. The Flag/Ensign is an all White Field with 7 Red stripes with 6 White additional stripe (totaling 13, in honor of the 13 original Colonies). The Upper left Canton is likewise a White Field with a Blue Eagle (outstretched), another symbol of The United States. Today it us flown in conjunction with The US Colors on all USCG vessels. The Service is under jurisdiction of The Department of Transportation (but operates as a Military Service).