US PGM-17 ''Thor'' IRBM

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By Crusader1307

America's ''first'' Ballistic Strategic Missile, The PGM-17 ''Thor'' was an Intermediate Ranged Nuclear Device which was first developed in 1957. Seen as a ''first strike'' weapon, the majority of it's Class were deployed in Europe (mainly in England). Similar to the similair ''Jupiter'' Class of Missile, The ''Thor'' Class suffered from a 25% failure rate during launch. Despite this, as a first development rocket, it severely disturbed The Soviet Union due to it's presence in Eurpoe at the time.


65-feet in height with an 8-foot diameter, The PGM-17 had a range of over 1,750 miles with a maximum airspeed of 10,000-mph. Using a liquid hydrogen/kerosine formula for propulson, The PGM-17 deployed (typically) with a 1.5 Megaton Nuclear Warhead. Over (200) ''Thor'' Systems were delployed until all were withdrawn in 1960. Although decommissioned, the overall Rocket design would be adpated (later) into The Delta Rocket Classification of Missile (for both defense and space exploration).