US Northrup YF-17 ''Cobra'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Northrup YF-17 ''Cobra'' Fighter was a short lived Fighter Jet Program of The US Military. The design was based on needs for ''cheaper'' and lighter Fighters for deployment by The US Armed Forces. Designed for The US Navy and Marine Corps. - on (2) ''Cobras'' were built (Northrup having lost out on it's Contract to the then adopted ''Hornet'' Fighter Jet. Piloted by (1), The ''Cobra'' was 55-feet in length with a wingspan of 35-feet. They were powered by a Single GE Turbojet which produced 14,000-IBF of Thrust. Airspeed was rated at 1,300-mph. Operational ceiling was 60,000-feet. Included weaponry was (1) 20mm ''Vulcan'' Cannon and multiple AIM-''Sidewinder'' AA Missiles. Both Production Models have survived and are Museum pieces.