US Northrup F20 ''Tigershark'' Fighter Jet

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The F-20 was a Northrup Aircraft Company Fighter Jet designed in 1975, and was part of their Tiger II Jet evolution. The primary goal of The ''Tigershark'' was to compete with various (then) Soviet Front Line Fighters. With the election of US President Ronald Reagan (1981), His Administration favored The F-16 Fighter, and with the exception of the (3) Prototypes built – no further development on The F-20 was advanced past 1982. The F-20 was Piloted by (1). The Fighter was 48-feet long with a non-swept wing configuration of 30-feet. Powered by (1) GE F404 Turbofan Engine, The ''Tigershark'' could produce 17,000-IBF Thrust. They could achieve Mach 2 (1,300-mph). The F-20 had an operational ceiling of 55,000-feet. Armament was to include a wide variety of weaponry to include Twin 20mm Auto-Cannon, (2) Zuni 5-inch Rockets, (2) SNEB 66mm Rockets, (2) AIM ''Sidewinder'' Missiles or (4) AIM ''Sparrows''. The ''Tigershark'' could also support The AGM-65 ''Maverick' (low yield TAC Nuclear Missile).