US North American T2 ''Buckeye'' Jet Trainer

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By Crusader1307

North American's T2 ''Buckeye'' was an earlier Jet Trainer for Intermediate Pilots of The US Navy. It was first introduced in 1959. The long serving Jet Trainer earned the distinction of being the primary trainer for nearly every US Naval Pilot from the late 1950s until it was retired in 2004. Several variants were modified into Jet Fighters with Allied Nations. The T-2 was Piloted by (2) – Student and Instructor. They were 40-feet long with a fixed swept wingspan of 40-feet. Propulsion was by Twin GE J85 Turbojets, capable of producing 2,900-IBF (Thrust) each. Airspeed was over 500-mph. The ''Buckeye'' had an operational ceiling of 41,000-feet.