US North American F100 ''Super Sabre'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The first supersonic Fighter Jet deployed by The US Air Force in 1954, The North American F-100 ''Super Sabre'' was an evolution of The F-86 ''Sabre'' Jet. Over 3,000 were produced with US retirement in 1979 (Air National Guard). Many were exported to other Countries Air Forces, with most being retired in the early 1990s. (19) Variants were developed. During The Vietnam War, F-100s were a staple Fighter for Ground Support Operations. The Fighter was adapted into a Medium Bomber, capable of delivery of The Napalm Petrochemical Munition. Piloted by (1), The F-100 was 50-feet long with a swept-wing configured span of 39-feet. Powered by (1) Pratt & Whitney J57 Turbojet, capable of 10,200-IBF Thrust. Rated airspeed was Mach 1.3 (860-mph). The ''Thunderchief'' could range 2,000 miles, with an operational ceiling of 50,000-feet. Armament included (4) 20mm Auto-Cannon and could support a wide variety of Rockets and Missiles. They could also support most Tactical Nuclear Low Yield Devices then in US inventory.