US Navy ''Swift'' Boat

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By Crusader1307

The US Naval “Patrol Craft, Fast” (PCF), or more commonly known as “Swift Boats”, were part of The “Brown Water Navy”- deployed by American Military Forces in Southeast Asia during The Vietnam War. In addition, several Squadrons served as Coastal Interdiction Ships. Their primary goal was to stem the flow of illicit weapons to The VC and NVA Forces from both outside in In-Country sources. They were also used to move Special Operations Forces  (SEALS) in insertion and extraction Missions. Their original use and development arose from Military Assistance Command, Vietnam  (MACV). Made of aluminum, a typical “Swift Boat” was 50-feet long and 13-feet high (Beam). They could achieve 40-mph and had a 500-mile operational range. A PCF crewed 6 Sailors. First deployed in 1965, their armament included Quad Barreled .50 Cal. Heavy Machine Guns and a similar configuration of 7.62mm Light Guns. An automatically fired 81mm Mortar was installed at the rear. In combat, The PCF drew in close to Rover and Causeway banks, either to draw Enemy fire or to engage same. These engagements were often brutal and fast. The speed of The Boats allowed them to quickly move away from possible overwhelming attack. In use until 1972, of the 130 Swift Boats assigned to The Mekong Delta, only 9 were lost to Enemy action.