US Navy PBR Ship

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By Crusader1307

The Patrol Boat, River (also known as The PBR), was a Fast Attack Patrol Boat deployed by The US Navy and Coast Guard during The Vietnam War. Larger than other Patrol and Interdiction Boats used in Southeast Asia, there were 2 variations (Mark I and II). Part of The “Brown Water Navy”, PBRs were used heavily as Coastal Guard Boats as well. The PBR featured a fiberglass Hull, which only drew 2-feet in draught. Thus allowed it to move through very shallow waterways. The Main Deck was constructed from Aluminum and Ceramic plating, ranging from 1 to 2-inches. Powered by Twin Marine Diesel 6V63N Engines, inclusive of  Reverse Thrust Water Jet. A PBR could achieve 32-mph. They were crewed by 5. Armament was heavy with (2) Dual or Quad  Mounted .50 Caliber HB Machine Guns. These were placed Fore and Aft of The Boat. A M60  7.62mm Machine Gun was placed Amidships as support. Some PBRs also featured a Ship mounted 40mm Grenade Launching System. Speed and it’s heavy armament were two very important factors with the relative success of The PBR Series of Vessels. They saw extensive service on the Mekong Delta throughout the later phase of The Vietnam War. Many were destroyed after The War, but one is still operational and serves as a Museum Ship in San Diego, California.